【Industry news】What is the difference between American standard, European standard and Chinese standard charging plug?

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At present, the interface is the standard in the world, and the charging standards are roughly divided into three categories: one is the American standard, the other is the European standard, and the other is the chinese standard. According to the distinction of charging technology, it is nothing more than direct current charging (DC) standard and alternating current charging (AC) standard. The charging standards used by models of different brands are also different. Let's take Tesla's charging interface as an example to discuss the standard problem of charging plugs.

From the interface, the so-called "American Standard" refers to the SAE J1772 AC charging standard, and the "European Standard" refers to the Mennekes Type 2 interface adopted by Tesla in Europe. The most obvious distinction between these two standards is the number of "jacks". The so-called "jack" is a "pole" of the charging interface. Each "pole" is responsible for a certain amount of work, and not all of them are used to transmit electrical energy.

SAE J1772 is just a general term, which includes 4 subdivision standards and 3 different charging interface shapes. Among them, the AC charging standard and the DC charging standard have two specifications, Level 1 and Level 2, respectively. These two specifications are mainly different in output power. Another "European standard", called Type 2 charging standard, corresponds to the "American standard" Type 1. This is the standard adopted by Tesla's European vehicles, and it is also divided into AC and DC.

Type 2 AC from WorkersbeeType 1 AC from Workersbee

As for the "Chinese Standard" (GB/T), it is limited to China and has regional limitations. From a technical perspective, the "Chinese Standard" is actually an agreement based on the improvement of the "European Standard". This agreement was issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is a "recommended" standard and does not have administrative enforcement power. This is also one of the reasons why charging standards in various regions of China cannot be unified.

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