【Industry news】What is charging pile?

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The charging pile is fixed on the ground, uses a dedicated charging interface, and adopts a conductive method to provide AC power for electric vehicles with on-board chargers, and has corresponding communication, billing and safety protection functions. Similar to a single fuel dispenser in a gas station, it is fixed on the ground to charge vehicles passing by by swiping a card or coin. The charging pile itself can be divided into AC charging pile and DC charging pile.

According to the installation method. It can be divided into floor-mounted charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles. Floor-standing charging piles are suitable for installation in parking spaces that are not close to the wall. Wall-mounted charging piles are suitable for installation in parking spaces close to the wall. According to the installation location. According to the installation location, it can be divided into public charging piles and special charging piles. Public charging piles are charging piles built in public parking lots combined with parking spaces to provide public charging services for social vehicles. Charging piles dedicated to the use of the company’s own parking lot are used by the company’s internal personnel. Self-use charging piles are built in personal parking spaces to provide charging for private users. Charging piles are generally combined with the construction of parking spaces in parking lots. The protection level of charging piles installed outdoors should not be lower than IP54. The protection level of charging piles installed indoors should not be lower than IP32. According to the number of charging ports. It can be divided into one charge and one charge. According to the charging method. Charging piles can be divided into DC charging piles, AC charging piles and AC-DC integrated charging piles.

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