【company news】Attended the 4th CPTE in Shenzhen, China

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Hivewallbox attended Shenzhen international Charging Station (Pile) Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2020 with our parent company Jiangsu Yihang Electric Scienceand Technology co., ltd.

We launched a series of our hot sale products, including EV charger,EV cable,electric car cable,electric car charging station,ev box,EV adapter, ev socket,Tesla charger,Tesla cable etc.

As the world's leading charging pile exhibition, CPTE has been recognized by many well-known exhibitors in China and overseas. The scale of the 2020 Shenzhen charging pile exhibition is over 50,000 square meters. It builds a whole industry with vehicles, electricity, piles, networks, and storage. It plays a positive role in promoting the development of China's charging piles and new energy vehicles.

We are going to attend the 5th CPTE. Dear clients, see you in Shenzhen this year.

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