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32/16A 2 Type2-to-Shuko Portable EV Charger Control Box with UL certificate.
Ev charger 16/32a female plug connector 5pin IEC 62196 type 2 with TUV& CE certificate.
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EV Charging Cable Type 2 to Type 2 16/32A 1 Phase EV Charging Adapter Cable,EV adapter,
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EV charger cable Type 2 to Type 2 Spiral 16A 1 Phase.
This portable EV charger allows you to charge your vehicle anytime anywhere. With LCD status indication, it's safe to charge your EV with this portable charger.
SAE J1772 Type 1 Cable EV Charging Plug Connector for electrical vehicle with CE certificate
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Ev charging socket ac socket IEC 62196 type 2
Type 2 EV Socket,ev socket
IEC 62196-3 200A 120kw DC CCS2 EV Charging Plug with CE certification for the Charging Station.
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UL SAE 200A 120kw DC Fast Charger EV CCS1 for EV Charging Station.
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EV charger,ev plug,ev socket,ev wallbox ,ev cable,car charging cable,electric car charger,electric car plug,EV adapter,electric vehicle plug,ev connector,Tesla cable
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